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  • Hmm i never got interested in Harry Potter...

    I already had my phase were i read lot's of Fantasy and Science Fiction books and when i tried a Potter book once it just wasn't the right thing for me as i've read much better books already.

  • It is a fantastic book. My friend got me hooked on the series when she gave me the first two books. I have yet to finish the last book though.

    A fellow Sims 2 player and a Potter fan? How cool is that?

    ETA: I'm still hoping that Snape is a good guy underneath it all *crosses fingers and toes*.

  • Got it at the release party, and finished it the next day :D Fantastic book!

  • Hairy Potsmoker, huh huh... Sorry, I couldn't help myself. ;) Actually I've never read a Harry Potter book. :I

  • Wow! I really am lagging behind. Am I the only one who hasn't finished it? Chapter 14 now.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    I don't think I could have asked for more out of the end to Harry Potter. It did everything I was hoping it would do, and usually with a bit of a twist. I liked that it sort of retroactively validated the first two books, which really stopped fitting into the general flow of the story after the third and subsequent books really got rolling. It was nice to have important events in the seventh book have such strong ties to Harry's first becoming a wizard, first living with the Durselys in the first book (which after reading the later books is even more of a big, lame Roald Dahl ripoff than it seemed at the time), and the stuff about the Chamber of Secrets and Riddle's diary from the second -- all fairly impressive and fun to me, especially considering the second book is in many ways just a rehash of the first book, in a Scooby Doo mystery / Monster of the Week sort of way. I agree that the epilogue chapter wasn't some mind blowing thing, but I was glad it was there, especially with absolutely no denouement otherwise.

    I hope JK Rowling doesn't do any more books in this universe... short of maybe some sort of anthology of cut parts or developed backstories and B storylines which didn't make it in (a sort of for-pay version of the appendecies which take up the last fifth of Return of the King) or something like that. I hope when it comes to novels she goes on to something new or hangs it up now, quitting while she's ahead.

  • I can't help but feel that J.K. Rowling wrote the second to last chapter and thought "well, that's it. That's the final part of one of the most anticipated books for decades. Yep... Perhaps I should just write a little bit more". Which would explain why the final chapter seems so ill fitting.

    I preferred my own ending where it turns out Harry has actually gone insane by being locked under the stairs for several years (with the fumes of various cleaning products), made up the stories of magic and friends, etc. and ends up killing the Dursleys who he imagines as the evil Lord Voldemort. The wonderful feasts he imagined at Hogwarts were actually stray pets he lured back into the cupboard... I could go on?

  • Sounds like an interesting ending pvt._public. Maybe not a good one for children, but still an interesting one

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    That's sort of like Jared (emerson-johnson)'s theory that Sam is actually the extremely delusional one, imagining all sorts of crazy adventures to go on by pretending he's talking to some sort of "commissioner" when he's in fact just talking to a dial tone. Max has been Sam's best friend for years and years, so he just goes along with it, working as hard as he can to keep Sam's crazy constructed reality from collapsing, because Max worries that that would send Sam all the way over the edge and be lost forever. Every night Max goes home and drinks half a bottle of Jack Daniels to keep himself sane.

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