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Side Character Round up

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of all the side characters to see in season two?
Besides flint who else would everyone like to see? *evil snicker*

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  • Who else besides Flint, hmm.
    In no particular order:
    -The Sodapoppers
    -Jimmy Two-Teeth
    -The Toy Maffia
    -Mack Salmon
    -the Bug
    -Lefty(even though we haven't actualy seen him)
    -More Rats
    -The Commisioner(but you still can see his face)
    -Stinky(who we also haven't seen)
    -Mr. Spatula

  • still compiling the poll now.. hehehe thanks for the ideas!!!

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    Roy G. Biv,
    Harry Moleman

    Ignore or add characters as you like but please NO BRADY CULTURE

  • okay whupps i went purused the comic and looked for reference there. *another maniacal laugh*

    i don't think i'd ever want to encounter roy g biv again haha..

  • Sible, Bosco, and more violance.

  • I voted for everything except bigfoots, just to make it clear how little the series needs more bigfoots. It's been done.

    I'd like them to visit the commissioner's office, but have the commissioner never visible or fully audible to the player. I actually like to retain the possibility that the commissioner doesn't even really exist.

    Also, Atrus still needs to cameo at some point.

  • @LuigiHann said: I voted for everything except bigfoots, just to make it clear how little the series needs more bigfoots. It's been done.

    My thoughts about most of the ideas that have been used before, I'm afraid. I'd much rather see something original that the creators know what to do with than attempts to resurrect old jokes.

    P.S. I voted for Flint Paper, who I think would be a minor enough and sufficiently non-overblown role to work, senseless violence (but implied, as we've heard so many times already!) and Bosco, though perhaps not such a huge character as before. Oops, and I could have ticked Mr Spatula and Hubert if I'd noticed them on the first read! They were really only scenery objects in the first place, but I liked them.

  • Mack Salmon could be a great villain in the games

    And Flint Paper would be a nice addition to series regulars Bosco and Sybil. Maybe not a too important role, just have him pass by every now and then beating up people and saying hi to Sam & Max, just like in the comics, that could be hilarious

  • I have to say I don't see why Mack Salmon is so revered. He's a single joke which has already been heard; he hasn't enough substance to mastermind six episodes' worth of villainy, and I don't think it would be believable to have him as the guest villain for one of the episodes - that would mean he was working beneath someone.

    Seriously - does no-one want to see anything new? Didn't we all love Bosco, Sybil, Jimmy, Hugh Bliss, Leonard Steakcharmer, Philo Pennyworth, and the host of other characters in Season One? All original ideas, and very funny and entertaining. I say give Telltale some space to be creative.

  • Of course we want to see new material. We're just voting on how much we want more of the old material to go with the new stuff. :) Personally, I wouldn't want more then half the old characters from Season One to show up in Season Two. Maybe they could play a big role again in Season Three, if there is one, but Season Two should be at least 75% new in my opinion. :)

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