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Is it alright to upload a Let's Play of The Walking Dead and recieve Monetization?

Here is my channel:

I will be uploading it tonight, so I don't have the link to it yet.

The Solar Gamer

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  • @TheSolarGamer said: Wow, you were right, I sent him a tweet 10min ago and he just replied haha Thanks! :D

    What is his Twitter account? I can't contact him here on the site; his PM box is full.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Alan Johnson is not with TTG anymore, so please don't message him.
    If you get no answer here, you can try

  • Thank you, DjNDB. I will try it that way!

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    MattP Telltale Alumni

    Hey guys, I want to make everyone aware that while we don't mind fan-made or Let's Play videos, we do not approve of monetizing copywritten material. Alan may not have fully understood exactly what was being asked, but I have asked this question of his and my superiors, and they have confirmed that we don't allow this.

  • Nevermind, I derp'd

  • Telltale should be ashamed of this stance. You want the free promotion but don't want the promoter to make anything for all their effort they put in promoting your game!

  • That



    People are promoting your games for FREE, but they shouldn't earn any sort of reward for their effort? I find THAT just all out wrong.

  • What I don't get is... They say that they don't allow monetization, yet they retweet big youtubers who are doing lps of TWD or TWAU, and obviously monetizing their videos (I don't think I need to say their names).

    I don't understand, is monetization allowed or not? Or is it allowed... but only for some youtubers? I supose that it should be the same for everyone, so how is it really?

    I own a YouTube channel, and obviously I'll do as they want. It's their game and they have the right to decide. I stopped recording TWAU, and am not recording season 2 of TWD because monetization is supposedly not allowed, but can't stop noticing that these big youtubers are doing it anyway, and Telltale obviously knows about this, so... really... Is it allowed or not?

  • I agree with psenci. The big Youtubers are obviously monetizing Telltale Games and its going along unhindered. If your going to introduce a policy it needs to be enforced for everyone. Me and a group of other lets players have since removed our lets plays of TWD and TWAU I am extremely disappointed with Telltale atm and I will no longer be supporting them until they treat EVERYONE in a fair and equal manner.

  • Thanks for the info. I'm curious as to why this is the policy, though. Really I ask because I want to understand the industry better, as I also have a Let's Play channel and it's probably good to know.

    It's a pretty unpopular stance to take so it's presumable that there must be a good reason. From what I've seen of other companies which have a similar policy, there haven't been any truly reasonable answers as to why, whereas companies which do allow monetized gameplay frequently refer to the fiscal benefits of free promotion and more exposure.

    I'm willing to believe that there must be a good reason, and I concede that I'm not an industry executive, so I ask with all due respect to help us understand. There have been a lot of common sense replies as to why LP's are good for companies, so I'm certain that Telltale is aware of that camp, but if it's okay to put up the gameplay (indicating that the company is okay with people knowing the story in advance) why is a little bit of pocket change and help covering the cost of the game itself (from monetization, which doesn't come out of Telltale's pocket) disallowed? As has been pointed out, the bigger channels are able to monetize without conflict, but it's the smaller, growing channels which could use the help. As we grow and build our content, we tend to return to the companies which help us out by letting us make back the money we spent and get something for our time. I can see why there are smaller channels taking down their videos because they feel as though they aren't being met halfway for doing something which is widely thought to be helpful to gaming companies.

    So yeah, I'm not feeling hostile or anything, I would just genuinely like to know Telltale's reasoning so that I can move forward with a better understanding.

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