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Episode 1 to 2 STATS not Saving sigh!

posted by Spades68 on - last edited - Viewed by 133 users

Seems like a reoccurring issue here...

-Tried regedit fix: Method 1 and 2 (2 does not require a reinstall, only deleting that documents folder)

1.) Where are "saved" games stored?

It is "NOT" in 'my documents' that is for sure! I deleted the entire folder and opened the game back up to find my saved game still there...

2.) Why in the 'my documents' folder is there like 12 game saves when I only played 2 different times?

3.) All I want is to play through Episode 1 and start Episode 2 with my progress carrying over... I see my "stat" button at the end of Episode 1...

HELP? Any more required info will be happily given.

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