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I can't believe it has come to this

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I avoided this forum all day because I wanted to take a deep breath and calm down. Honestly I can't believe it has come to this.

Vainamoinen as I told you in private this is the first forum I ever participated in. Things like double post, how to quote multiple things at once, I just not know how to do.

Most of all I had no idea it was in bad taste to question a moderator in public. I chewed on that all day. I kept trying to convince myself that I should have contacted a moderator in private. Then I realized that I really did not do anything wrong. Why should my thoughts be secretive. Were not at work. It's not like I questioned my boss in front of a company meeting.

When did it become the job of a moderator to police the words of a rational statement? I would think being a moderator would consist of dealing with the people who are threatening others and basically a detriment to the rest of the forum users. I did not swear or threaten anyone. I am certainly not a detriment to the forum. I just don't see eye to eye about censoring my thread because you think I am trying to tell people to spam TellTaleGames. I certainly was not.

I just made my account a few days ago. I'm new. After reading all the posts and the comments from the company yes I formed a opinion that I think they rushed the development of the iOS game and that's what is holding up the release for the rest of us. It was only a opinion. I did not force it upon anyone. I certainly did not get irate when anyone disagreed. I welcomed comments and thoughts with a open mind.

Then I started a thread to see if other season pass owners felt taken advantage of.

It had to do with the delays that have been happening as well as paying full price for a game we were told would be a monthly episode release that has already been discounted once on Steam and made free to PSN Plus subscribers.

After 3 pages of comments where a good portion were folks who were upset but not over the edge I posted the TellTaleGames contact us email address's with descriptions of what each one was for. I said of you would like to let the copy know here is the contact address's.

One of those email address's I posted was a feedback address.

A feedback address. A address for feedback from customers.

You basically accused me of spamming the company because I would point out the delays and discounts. As a paying customer that is my right and not spam.

Basically I guess because I do not have positive feedback that my mail is spam. Is that the official position of the moderators. Folks with negative feedback are spam?

After 3 pages I was grilled by you for trying to instigate spamming the company. Grilled. Not discussed reasonably. I was sizzled in public by a moderator for something that I certainly did not do.

That's how I took your post anyway. Then you closed the thread right there being judge jury and executioner. The reason you gave on the thread was "As the discussion has obviously amalgamated with the original topic of this thread, I'm going to close this one."

Just because it's negative I guess it's not allowed and must be shutdown.

I asked for it in public to be opened back up because I disagreed. Again I was pretty much told how dare you question a moderator.

I disagree with the treatment I have received from the very moderators who are supposed to help people like me. Every day hard working people just like me who just want to voice their thoughts with others. I would like my thread back opened because I completly disagree why it was closed. It has nothing to do with the episode 3 discussion. The was no swearing. No threatening. No real reason to close it at all other then it was not all hugs and kisses for how the company has handled this game and it's customers.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I caught your words in the ep 3 discussion thread as well as some others. I'm not trying to start a revolution. Or a spam movement or anything like that. I just would like to hear if others season pass customes feel taken advantage of.

I'm going to apologize in advance for anything misspelled. It's a pain typing on these touch screen devices.

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