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Clem drowns, what do you do?

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A lot can be said about Kenny and Lilly's loyalty to family members. They constantly put the group at risk and make decisions seemingly solely based on who they're related to sometimes, but what would you do?

Here's the hypothetical: Clem is drowning and you pull her out. She's not breathing and you can't feel a pulse.* You're trapped on a boat so you can't leave. Also, everybody in the group is weak from lack of food.

The group wants to kill her before she turns. You could try giving her CPR or back off and let them kill her. What do you do?

*Young children may have a mammalian diving reflex. When they are suddenly immersed in cold water less than 68F (20C), they can stop breathing, slow their heart rate dramatically, and shunt all the blood flow to the heart and brain. Though not common, these children may be resuscitated and return to normal function. Cases have been reported of survival, even after being underwater for an hour.

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