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Does anyone thinks that Moo Hoo Man should added in ep 2?

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I know there are dozen of threads on this forum that ask for a certain character to be in a future episode and such threads seems to be a bit excesses. However, I thought it was necessary to make a thread asking for a possible Moo Hoo man to appear in a future S and M episode would rock.

I mean who wouldn't want a Devil/Cow creature that accidently ate bird poo while asleep in a game about a dog and rabbit.

Telltale games please consider adding Moo Hoo man to the already dysfunctional cast of Sam and Max.

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  • I understand who Moo Hoo Man is, but I'm still utterly confused by his concept.

    So, right now, I wouldn't be able to decide. But I would suggest perhaps adding a poll to this thread?

  • I don't know how. LOL

    I think we are all confused by his concept, but it would cool to have someone from the pre Steve Purcell comics to be in the game.

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    @doom saber said: I don't know how. LOL

    Go to the Thread Tools pull down menu. I believe the option to add a poll is there.

  • @doom saber said: I think we are all confused by his concept, but it would cool to have someone from the pre Steve Purcell comics to be in the game.

    Yikes. You're serious... ...?

  • I think a mention would be nice. Like an in-game poster or theater marquee with the phrase "Featuring Moo Hoo Man" on it. I don't think the character needs to appear in an episode, though; that'd be overkill.

  • A mention would be ok - not that I really care either way, but it could work as a nod to Sam and Max's origins. Fighting actually to include a character about which nothing is known purely because we've heard the name somewhere is ridiculous, however.

  • I wouldn't want Moo Hoo Man in the game if there wasn't a reason for him being there. It would be bad for the character if he just showed up in an obvious and akward plug. I would agree with others that some other mention, such as a poster in-game, would be better. Maybe in an episode there can be a note on the other table in the diner saying, "Moo Hoo Man wuz here!". I think even in Sam & Max's bizzare world Moo Hoo Man would be considered a bit of a freak. He definately has a very unique appearance. If he did make a cameo, he would have to be dressed up in a trench coat or in a dark alley at night or something.

  • Why do I feel like I've never heard of this character before? It sounds familiar like I read about it not long ago but I can't remember where. I suspect one of the History of Sam and Max installments?

  • We were talking about him not long ago here on the message board. As a matter of fact, Steve's brother came on here and showed us long lost drawings of Moo Hoo Man. I don't think he was anywhere in the history segments.

  • Would you link me up Adam?

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