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[TWD] geolocation-based content differences?

posted by LiamKerrington on - last edited - Viewed by 123 users

Hello everyone,

I am literally next to klicking 'buy' the game - not via Steam or something, but directly here via the TTG platform.

But I have a question: I live in Krautland (also known as Germany), am not happy about it - especially computer-game-wise, because way too often over-protective few decide that game-content needs to be limited (less gore, less 'explicit' material, less violence etc. blabla). So the question would be: Does TTG provide tWD in different version - like the 'real' US-version and some limited versions for the d-bags from Germany or other countries?

Thank you.

All the best!

P.S.: Sorry, if I posted this in the wrong forum-subsection ... I considered this a 'help'-question ...

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