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Man its weird but...(spoilers)

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Its weird how certain games like this one just suck you in so much. Never before back in the NES or the SNES or even the PS1 and N64 days did I ever feel for the characters. But these days, games like this, Mass Effect, Fallout, etc, they know how to drag you so deep into the story that you almost feel bad for certain things. I don't think Ive ever felt worse playing a game than when I found out Duck was bitten and then later on when I had to shoot him. I felt horrible for that kid. Less than an hour ago, we were solving a mystery and I high fived him and the top of the screen said he thinks Im super awesome. He was the Robin to my Batman. If Duck had this kind of effect on me, I have no idea what I would do if something happened a Clem got bitten...I honestly hope they make a season 2 of this game cuz Ill buy the season pass day 1, because despite the delays of the episodes, they have been some of the most heart felt, gut wrenching moments Ive ever played in a game before.

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