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Question about the last EP, bugs and forum

posted by Miaou50 on - last edited - Viewed by 177 users

Hi all,

There are few things I would like to know.
Looking at the subjects of this forum, I have already seen that some are declaring having bugs (some "minor" and some that seems to me major).
My first remark would be for the guys who have posted: most of the time, it is not really described correctly on which hardware you have this problems, which could be important in order to know who could be concerned. Talking about possible bugs, this point should be mandatory, I think.
Reading this posts (about bugs), I don't see any "official" answer, from any support or moderator of the forum, in order to counter the information (after all, it could be simply that the guy has made a huge mistake), or confirm that some problems are existing and are trying to be fixed, bla, bla bla; or if I'm wrong, It means to me that I feel very difficult to identify who are those who are kind of "official" for this forum, which could help to identify an answer that could be valuable but lost in a thousand of "laments".
Is there any place in the forum where this posts (related to possible bugs) should be placed ?
Is there an "official" place to put this kind of comments, a dedicated thread may be, in order to hope to have more easily some answers when someone is facing a possible bug ?
May be it is already the case and I'm too stupid to use correctly the forum, in this case ... sorry.


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