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Question about your decision with Lilly. SPOILERS

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Hi! I'm curious of one thing. In my main game save, I decide to bring Lilly back into the RV, after she killed Carley/Doug. After a while, when Lee is looking for the pencil, Lilly confronts him. She's saying she wants to leave, and if you're close friends with her, she will ask you to join her. One of the options to respond to this was 'Okay', I think.

Did anyone choose this option? If you did, what would happen next? Clearly, Lee won't leave, but I'm just curious :-)

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  • She tells you to go get Clem, when you exit the RV she takes off on you. :/ Ticked me off, because that was my pro-Lilly game, too. D: In my game, Lee seemed intent on leaving. The TWD Gods just saw otherwise. >_>

  • I left her on the side of the road with Carley. As much as I hate her for that, I still feel pretty bad about leaving her. I mean, that's pretty much murder in this new world.

  • I ditched her. After the ZA you should do whatever you can to NOT KILL THE LIVING. Lilly was as bat$hit and mean spirited as her Dad was. Funny, isn't it? She was lecturing Lee that if "he became a danger to the group there's going to be a problem". Turns out she was the one dangerous for the group. Well, her and Ben.

    I hope to hell that she was eaten, but I fear that like the Lilly in the graphic novels, she is pure effing evil.

    I'm afraid we haven't seen the last of that crazy-a$$ Carley killing cock-a-roach.

  • After pointlessly killing Carly, yeah, she deserves to be stuck on that road all alone. Trust me, I'm sad that it had to come to all that, but did she really expect everyone, much less LEE to be OK with that? I have a feeling we will be seeing Lilly again, and you either left her for dead, or gave her a chance with the RV. But fuck that, I want her left alone with nothing.

  • Well Lilly was probably the closest person Lee had in my playthrough, other than Clem of course. I let her on the RV, "accepted" her offer. However she just left me there with the rest of the group.

    Now im there, alone, and everyone hates me. And I don't seem to be getting along with Chuck, Amid or Christa either..

  • in my first walkthrough i left lilly behind

  • I'm sad that it had to come to it, but that b&¥ch is crazy. Not having her around Clem or me.

  • She was lecturing Lee that if "he became a danger to the group there's going to be a problem".

    That was Carley, actually. Lilly was the one who said "We're lucky to have you". :P Unless there's another instance of Lilly saying that that I'm not remembering.

    But yes, your basic point is understood. She judged others as being detrimental, but she ended up being detrimental herself. Although really, that not only goes for Ben as well, but for Kenny too if you didn't kiss his ass the whole time. He would have let Lee die twice if you didn't agree with him with the Larry situation. All this stuff is why I love Clementine's line in "All That Remains" when she says, "We all tried to survive, but... it didn't work." The group was its own worst enemy the whole time.

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