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Ep 3 bugs on Steam (Coming Soon...)

posted by Couldn't_Make_It_Up on - last edited - Viewed by 209 users

Hi having a mad one with the Episode 3 on steam.

I should tell you I use the save 2 file for my good Lee game and save 1 for my bad Lee game. I'm currently using save 2.

I've completed it Ep 3 now yet I can't rewind any of the scenes, The stats at the end just say dec 1, dec 2...ect instead of what the actual decision was.

Also mid way through the game I had to quit to the main menu as the game jumped and messed up my decisions then when I tried to reload (remembering that I'm using save 2)
Save 1 said Episode 3 (which should actually be episode 2)
Save 2 said episode 2 (which should actually be episode 3)
When I try to load ep 3 on save 1 it just reads coming soon??

So I quit the game and restarted it on steam then upon trying to reload my Episode 3 game,
Save 1 file read episode 1 (should be ep 2)
Save 2 read episode 2, (should be ep 3)
Then when I restarted the save 2 file expecting to have to start again it took me to where I left off on Episode 3????

Sorry if this makes no sense what-so-ever but this has really got me confused.

Is anyone else having this problem?
I hope it's just a temporary bug that telltale will release an update for!

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  • I had a very similar problem; Save 1 was 'Good Lee', I played for a bit then hit escape to exit. I noticed the save dropped to the #3 slot. It said Episode 3, so that's what makes me think this is so. I then tried to Load this Save and it shows Episode 3 as 'Coming Soon'. I have not yet gone back into the game from the Steam client.

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