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Getting Supplies Or Not

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Given what happens with the bandits, does the number of items looted from the store really matter? Im guessing most of it was left behind in the escape.

Also does giving water and the crackers to Duck make any difference. Obviously he was gonna turn either way, and Kat doesnt survive, so we dont even get brownie points for it.

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  • I dont think it matters much in the end. Some of the choices we make will carry over, others obviously wont, but I think it's more about those decisions made in the moment, not after we're done playing and have the luxury of thinking back, second guessing ourselves.

    If you get enough items, Lilly is happy, if not, she get's mad. But either way we know a little later on, she's no longer with us.

    Maybe in EP4, Kenny will remember that we gave Duck the water and know we looked out for his kid, but I dont think it'll really matter!

  • pretty weird how they skipped over the entire bandits conflict.

  • @marcu5 said: pretty weird how they skipped over the entire bandits conflict.

    Not a all. Did we really need more sniping QTEs in the game? They were there, they were established as a threat, and they drove the group out of the motel. They did their job.

  • It didn't matter in the sense that it changed anything in the gameplay, but maybe it mattered to the player at the time. It's the same way nearly every decision in the game works: there is no effect on the storyline, only in small portions of the dialogue.

  • Having the bandits as an episode long threat would have just made this a rehash of episode 2.

  • And the bandits are probably a good wake up call. They are dangerous as hell, but in the end not the biggest thread...I mean they were close to making a new deal and everything.

    Now, we dealt with walkers, cannibals, and bandits. No clue who is on the over line of that walkie talkie but I feel this guy will be a big step up. Bandit showed us that humans can be as bad as the walkers...probably we will be shown now that humans ARE worse.

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