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Sam & Max Season 1 DVD Registry Difficulties

posted by daltysmilth on - last edited - Viewed by 269 users

Okay, I just got and installed the Sam & Max Season 1 DVD on my computer. But whenever I try to launch one of the episodes, a message pops up that says, and I quote,

"A required security module cannot be activated.
This program cannot be executed (7001).

Please have a look at for further, more detailed information."

So I clicked on the link and it took me to the website, which said:

SecuROM™ has determined that an emulation tool has modified your PC settings.

We suspect you are receiving this error message as a result of the use of an emulation program that tampers registry keys.

Note: These tampered entries have NOT been caused by SecuROM™. Please also note, you should only delete duplicate entries and not any others. SecuROM™ is not liable for any problems caused by using these instructions. We provide them only as a service and to assist with repairing the launch issue.

* Please open the registry editor (Start->Run->regedit) and move to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices\ area (by clicking on this folder, you will see all the entries on the right side). Look at the entries with an alpha designation (ie: \DosDevices\Letter_Here). You should see one of entries with letters with duplicate entries. If you delete the duplicate entry (right mouse click and choose 'Delete' from the choices), you should be able to exit RegEdit and launch your program.

So I have the registry editor open, and have found the entries with the alpha designation. My question is, how do I know which entry is the duplicate?

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