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ATTN Telltale Games: Give me a damn response, and my money while you're at it!

posted by Sduarte13 on - Viewed by 97 users

What the eff!!! Telltale Games, you have the WORST customer service I have witnessed yet, not to mention programing. Not only have you pumped out a product that's crap and FULL of glitches and other unknown problems, but you also advertise and talk about it without mentioning the issues or even helping the one's who already put money into your 'product'. Have some balls to announce and fix your mistakes. Firstly, even if my issue is fixed, how can I be guaranteed the same thing won't happen again? At this point, I'd be content with my damn money back... So give me my money back! Put into effect whatever it is that you do to reverse this ugly situation. Telltale games is a s*it stain on the wonderful name of The Walking Dead. If no further action is taken to fix my situation as well as the countless others (or at the very least acknowledge these people), I will be forced to petition and expose Telltale games' shenanigans to BBB and anyone else who will listen. You're robbing your customers!!

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