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TWD: Game Save Fix...preserves your Episode 1 and 2 saves, too.

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Here's the solution I figured out for Windows 7. Some people have linked to vaguely related solutions that haven't really worked for most people and have been kind of wonky, but this one definitely worked for me.

Copying over the prefs.prop into the steamapps default subheading folder will not fix many peoples' problems because those of us on Steam shouldn't even have a prefs.prop in that folder in the first place.

The reason people transferring prefs.prop to their steamapps default folder doesn't work is because all that does is transfer your stats. When I did this, my choices were all wrong and when I rewound previous episodes those choices were all wrong.

But I noticed that new save games weren't creating new folders but still carried over when I restarted the game. It's because TTG created a brand new save folder and prefs.prop right under our noses.

[*]Open two windows. In both do a search for "The Walking Dead."

[*]In the first window, find Documents>My Documents>Telltale Games>The Walking Dead (my folder had capital letters) and back up this folder somewhere safe in case my instructions don't work for you.

[*]In the second window, find Documents>Public Documents>Telltale Games>the walking dead (my folder was lowercase).

[*]Copy the contents (not the whole folder, just everything inside) of the "The Walking Dead" (in My Documents) into "the walking dead" (Public Documents) and overwrite the matching elements inside.

That should do it. Now the new folder has your Episode 1 and 2 saves and prefs.prop in it and the game will reference this content for Episode 3 save games.

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  • I do not have this new saves folder anywhere :(

  • Ditto
    I got this game from TTG to Review for my gaming site. Not being able to play this episode with previous saves and having no real solutions or conversations with the community asking for help WILL be reflected in my review!

  • Try this.

    [*]Backup your old saves folder somewhere safe.

    [*]Roll back your original old saves folder to before the Episode 3 Update.

    [*]Back THAT up too somewhere safe. You should now have two backups from different dates, one before the Ep 3 update and one after.

    [*]Delete the original.

    [*]Start a new game of The Walking Dead from episode 3. Play to autosave. Exit to windows.

    [*]Do a start Menu Search: save_

    [*]You should have a list of files. The most recent one (Date Modified: last few minutes) is your latest autosave. Right click on it and select "Open File Location." You now see your new save folder and the one that TWD will use from now on.

    [*]You'll want delete everything within this folder and copy the files from the backup of your rolled back save folder into this folder.

    Next time you start up TWD, you should have your Episode 1 and 2 saves back. Let me know if it didn't work.

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