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Adventure/rpg suggestions

posted by purple_monkfish on - last edited - Viewed by 65 users

Yeah it's been asked before. I'm currently compiling a list of essential adventure games I still alas do not own. I have a lot of games, and i'm not exagerating here.. my collection is insanely massive.. but for some reason i'm missing some rather essential games like Bad Mojo and Siberia. This must be remedied!

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for Adventure games or RPGS that everyone should play/own/worship?

Bearing in mind, I can't stand japanese style rpgs, I hated Final fantasy 7 with a burning burning passion. Turn based combat in RPgs makes me angry, cut scene combat even more so. So yeah...

So, games for the PC, DS or PS1 (I could never be bothered with the new generation and wanted to play silent hill ok!?)

Suggest away! ramble, rant etc!

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