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The Walking Dead Episode 2 Freezes at the Stats screen, cannot finish.

posted by BipedalP314 on - last edited - Viewed by 910 users

Xbox360 - I've beaten the 2nd episode three times and the stats screen shows up incomplete and I can't continue. Furthermore Episode 3 won't work - I can't even load random decisions it just starts Episode 1.

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  • I've been reading the other threads and I've come to the conclusion that your customer service isn't worth fucking shit. What's with this "we haven't been able to reproduce the problem" bullshit? I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing that response. Even if that weren't a cop-out, bullshit, nutless response - you don't even give your customers those very often.

    Respond to your fucking customers, assholes.

  • Bipedal, I'm with you on the issue re screen freeze on end of 2nd Episode. In the 1st, it came up announcing how I conducted the character through the game, but despite trying to replay the last part of episode 2, the same thing kept happening. For this reason, I'm reluctant to download part 3 in case it won't work. My other option was to try replaying all of episode 2 again, but will be fuming if the outcome is the same. What console you using? Who did you contact.

  • That's a really shame.I have the same problem.And i haven't seen any kind of help coming from Telltale.A really shame.I don't think that i'm going to buy the episode three if my buys are not guaranteed.That's a pity because the game itself was really beautiful....

  • <--- this chick is a fucking idiot 4 buying ep3 when it won't even let her play ep2.
    it DID however finally download both 2 & 3, but still won't let me play even tho i beat ep1 months ago. It just keeps playing that same last scene at the motel, runs credit & just back to menu. I can't believe it just wasted 800 pts i coulda used on my Borderlands pass. GRUMBLE!!!!

  • The Walking Dead ep 2 freezing at the stat screen is driving me nuts. I deleted it and
    Downloaded it again from Xbox live and nothing. Just starts me back at the beginning of ep 1
    And deletes my save files won't even let me simulate I love the Walking Dead and really wanna finish my game I won't buy another episode till this can be fixed my wife has it on hers and one of my friends has it and neither of theres freezes i need answers.

  • Having the same crash issue with stats screen after episode 2 fix this!

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