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Difference between versions?

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So, I could wait 21 days and get the JoWood version, or I could get the TellTale version now. I just have one question: Is there any difference between versions? That is, I'm not going to lose out on some content if I get the TellTale version, right?

(Didn't know if this was the right forum to ask this, so I just guessed. If it isn't, I apologise ;))

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  • Both versions have some stuff that the other doesn't. Theirs has a behind the scenes video and a fold-out poster, and ours has the commentaries and blooper reel.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Also the cover art is different between the two versions. Telltale's is in a DVD snapcase, and has a cover painted by Steve Purcell (which we're selling in poster print form in the Telltale store), while the JoWooD/Adventure Company version is sometimes in a box, sometimes in a DVD case (depends on region), and has a high quality game art render as its cover (the shot of Sam and Max in the alley, with Max brandishing a baseball bat and "Freelance Police" badge).

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