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[Ep3 SPOILER]Carley Fan Fiction

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This is just one scenario I can imagine Carley living and what would have played out. I'm not a writer or anything, but it's fun to imagine.

"Lily, no!" Clementine cried out as she watched, helplessly, as Lilly pulled out her gun and aimed it at Carley.

The group quickly turned their attention from Kenny back to Lilly.

Carley ann Ben quickly moved as Lee grabbed Lilly's arm just as the gun went off.

Lee violently slammed Lilly against the RV, blood boiling.

"DROP IT," he said, teeth gritted.

Lilly looked at the gun in her hand and let it fall limpy from her hand, as if it were life itself and it hab become too much to hold onto.

"Kenny, What's happeneing!" Katjaa shaken voice screems from the RV.

"Get back in the RV. We're leaving this crazy bitch!" Kenny barked back at his wife.

Lilly looked Lee in the eyes, searching for understanding.

"She couldn't be trusted Lee. I swear," cracks in her voice. "Please."

Lee lets her go, even touching her being revolting, and echos Kenny.

"You're not coming with us."

He picks up the gun as Lilly starts crying. "I'll die out here!"

"I don't care."

"You tried to kill Carley, Lilly! We can't have you with us! If we take you with us, how long before you try to get ME?' Kenny jumps in.

"I'm a danger? You've had Lee with you this whole time!"

"I don't care what he did before. If we keep you with us, how long before you try to get us!"

Lilly, broken, pleads to the mercy of a man that killed her father to spare her. It was a scence she never hoped to experience again.

"I was trying to protect all of us," She meekly manages to get out. "I don't have anything left."

A new disgust washes over Kenny's face. "Get in Lee. Let's go you guys."

Everybody looks at Lilly as in the pile in the RV. Lilly looks at Lee, broken losing the only person she trust and care for anymore.

Lee gets on the RV and it drives off. Lilly watches for a breif second before she forced to run a walker shambling her way.

On the RV, everybody is shaken. Lee goes over to Carley to see how she's doing.

"Are you alright?"

She starts crying uncontrolablly. "Lee, I'm sorry," she lets slip between her lips as she sobs.

"Hey Carley, you don't have to be sorry. Lilly has been becoming unhinged since her Dad died. No matter what you said to her, trying to shoot you was too much."

Carley started crying harder. Seeing her so upset was unsual for everybody. Lee puts his arms around her to comfort and buries her face in his shoulder.

Lee is in a daze, reflecting on what took place, sadended at the lost.

"Lee, I'm pregnant."

Lee snaped out of his daze, snatched violently back into the present with the softest of words.

"That night I was lonely, missing Doug, and I came to talk to you and we.... I haven't had my period since then. I felt it moving earlier this week. I almost lost our child. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It was just so much to deal with."

Lee was stunned. He was trying to process the news when Katjaa called for him.

"Lee, a word please."

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