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characters in season 2

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does anyone wonder if abe, the soda popers, or the C.O.P.S will come back in season 2?

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if the Soda poppers show up again, But I'm just Really hoping for Flint Paper, and possibly Mack Salmon, I LOVE Mack Salmon.

  • I think Sam will return, but not Max.

  • I don't think the poppers should come back. Maybe a small reference, like aposter on the wall or a commercial on tv. Bosco and Sybil should come back too, but have really small roles. Mainly just there to talk to and play a small role in a puzzle or two.

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    I'd love to see Bosco and Sybil, perhaps not in a huge role, but in a different environment. I think that would breath new life into them.

    I'll always vote for Jimmy!

  • I think I've had enough of the soda poppers ..

  • It depends on how much they are used. I'd quite like to see lots of new characters taking the main stage, but it'd be a shame to loose Bosco... don't really care about Sybil.

  • Mack Salmon, I LOVE Mack Salmon.

    I can't really see him fitting into the new games, though. It's not as if they couldn't get him to appear into the games, but I think that the humor between the comic and the episodic games are two quite different beasts.

    But I would like a mention of the Sodapoppers somewhere. They played major roles through more than half the season and then they disappeared. I was expecting at least one reoccurring appearance in the last episode or a mention of what happened to them. But...nothing. Maybe I'm just looking for closure?

    To tell you the truth, it just nags me when there are unfinished/unexplained threads (unless that's purposely written in and leaves a bigger sense of satisfaction then fully explained ones). Was anyone else disappointed how Harry Plopper/Spiderpig was never heard from again in The Simpsons Movie? Off topic, but I'm assuming some of you have seen it considering just how many millions of dollars it made. (Unless, of course, the money is coming from all us nerds who paid to watch it repeatedly.)

    Bosco/Sybil is a definite must. It'd be cool to see them both in and out of their environments. Although have Bosco stand behind something. His character model, frankly scares me. Such tiny legs!

    I second Flint Paper but I believe most people here support me in that.

    Jimmy Two Teeth was a great character. It would be nice to see him back again.

    I would also really appreciate it if there was a reference to C.O.P.S. somewhere. Perhaps making it big off their new "highly-advanced" gaming system? It would be awesome if you could watch an ad for that on Sam and Max's television set.

    Abe Lincoln? I think I would just like to hear how his/Sybil's relationship worked out. If they're still together, then yeah, I wouldn't mind having him make a few more appearances. Actually, wouldn't that add such a great dynamic to Sybil's character? Not only do we have a woman who can't hold down a job, but she's got to juggle a demanding love life and face the possibility of matrimony!

    ...Which would make the game kind of soap-operish. I don't know if that's a good thing...yet. :rolleyes:

    What about that bug thing that Bosco gives you? I think he had some of the funniest lines in the game.

    Could we have a reoccurring appearance of Mr. Pennyworth? He was one of my favorite characters. I would love to see how he made out after Prismatology and a washed-up acting career. For that matter, I would love if Superball would show up in Season Two. There was a definite appeal to his character that was hard to pin down. I just can't hate a guy with determined loyalty to guard whatever door comes his way.

    Oh my, I didn't expect I'd have so much to say on the topic. (And to ask for virtually every previous character from the first season be brought into the second. I'll settle for a small mention, really!) But I just love the feeling of community here on the board and the thought that the people who actually work on the games take the time to read and reply to their audience's opinions.

    That's good for customer loyalty. Besides the hypnosis...of course.:D

  • [quote]Bosco and Sybil should come back too, but have really small roles. Mainly just there to talk to and play a small role in a puzzle or two.[/quote]

    But this is what everyone complained about in Season One...

  • @Emily said: But this is what everyone complained about in Season One...

    Yeah, I think I agree with... various people... that it would be nice to see Bosco and Sybil branch out a bit more. Although Season One did a good job, considering, there's only so much variation you can achieve in the same location for six episodes. As for Bosco's puzzles, I think the main gripe was that you knew you were going to have to go through the same routine of obtaining his obscenely-priced item every episode, even if you didn't yet know where to use it, and usually there was as good as a big flashing 'here's where you get the money for Bosco' sign somewhere in the new location. Sybil's puzzles sometimes required a little more thought, since only throughout the course of the game would you realise how she could be helpful.

    DDshoeshowz, it's great to finally find someone else who doesn't think Mack Salmon would fit in!

  • I really hope we have more NPCs actually walking on the street and you can click on them talk about non-sense line or two and they just walk away, kind of like Shenmue.

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