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Different price in email confirmations

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Thanks for great products, and generally for bringing me quality time.

I ordered some stuff back in june, and I just received a shipment confirmation. The prices are different from the backorder confirmation from June 27. I can't yet see on my Visa how much I've been charged for this (there are still many unspecified reservations/deductions coming in from a trip I had this weekend.)

I reside in Norway. I find it a bit awkward that the case file is now cheaper... and the DVD should be free, shouldn't it? And, the freight charge, shouldn't it be specified? The first mail was correct (I remember I double-checked because it is under the 200 NOK non-customs fee limit. With the new amount, it is not)

My order order number is 5433147700.

Original confirmation:
maxbones-hat Max & Crossbones Hat 1 15.99USD
samandmax-s1-file Sam & Max Season One Case File 1 4.99USD
samandmax-s1-dvd Sam & Max Season One Bonus Disc 1 0.00USD

Shipment confirmation:
maxbones-hat Max & Crossbo 1 1 1 18.92USD
samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 3.12USD
samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 8.89USD

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  • Ignore the prices that are listed in the shipment confirmation. The warehouse took the total (including shipping) and divided it up in an arbitrary way among the three products. I have no idea why they do this, but you have not been charged any more than you were originally told you'd be charged, which was $30.93 ($15.99 hat + $4.99 case file + $9.95 shipping).

  • Thanks a lot for the swift answer! I love you guys. Amazing customer service.

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