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TWD: Midgame progress wont load, been trying to fix for hours

posted by ch00se on - Viewed by 84 users

My save is showing as episode 2 only, I've got a fair way into episode 3 so really don't want to restart. I've got my save files, anyone got an idea on how I can get this to work?

I've tried to start new game in episode 3 (5+ times), wait for save, then copying/renaming my newest save. That doesn't work and shows only episode 2, I think my prefs.prop is incorrect and causing all the problems

Could I copy someone elses (episode 3) prefs.prop into my directory and have it correctly recognise my saves? If so, would anyone be kind enough to upload theirs?

If not, any advice please? Been trying to fix this for hours :(

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