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The Walking Dead is great but on the iPad 1...

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...sometimes I find myself replaying a scene because in my initial run I would tap on the screen for my decision but another one would take its place instead resulting in something that I didn't want. For example I can press a decision on the top right but the bottom left would highlight and Lee would say something different from what I wanted haha :p gets annoying but this is one hell of a game so I forgive Telltale and Apple ;)

I'm pretty sure that there are more people going through this. 1 thing that I did to help remedy the situation was to make sure that no apps were running in the background and then I reset the iPad. Usually, this takes care of the problem but it still acts up once in awhile. Could it be because of the slower processor of the iPad 1 compared to the 2 or 3 which I believe it runs smoother on?

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  • Sounds like looking in the forums that I would stay away from this game on the iPad first gen.

  • The funny thing is that at first I thought that it was only for the iPad 2 & 3...aside from the game systems. I could have sworn that the original game description had said "will not run on 1st generation iPad". But, I always have to challenge everything so I downloaded it on my iPad 1 to see what would happen and it turned out able to run on the 1st gen albeit a bit choppy at times.

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    You are warned before buying the product dat iPad 1 isn't supported, so i doubt TTG will take steps to fix thoose issues. I play it on an iPad 3 and have no issues with the game and the problems you posted in the original post. it's probably the slower processor and such that makes thoose bugs appear.

  • Ah ha! I knew I wasn't going crazy :p Trust me, I don't expect TTG to fix the problem when I was the one that disregarded the aforementioned warning. I love the game regardless and I'm very happy that I can at least still play it. A bug or two once in awhile isn't that bad.

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