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Pricing Order differences / Currency translation

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My first query is slightly similar to one that has been asked/answered before, which relates to pricing differences.

[quote="Original e-mail informing backorder"]
Product SKU Product Name Qty Ordered Amount
samandmax-s1-file Sam & Max Season One Case File 1 4.99USD
snm-s1-soundtrack Sam & Max Season One Soundtrack 1 19.99USD
samandmax-sketchbook Sam & Max Sketchbook 1 17.99USD
samandmax-western Sam & Max Poster Print - Wester 1 14.99USD
samandmax-s1-dvd Sam & Max Season One Bonus Disc 1 0.00USD
This comes in as $57.96, which I imagine is sans shipping.

[quote="Second Email"]
Product SKU Product Name Qty Ordered Qty Shipped Total Qty Shipped Amount
samandmax-sk Sam & Max Ske 1 1 1 23.83USD
samandmax-we Sam & Max Pos 1 1 1 20.58USD
samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 1.99USD
snm-s1-sound Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 24.72USD
samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 7.99USD
The second email, which whilst I understand that the warehouse has re-sorted the prices via some sort of magical division, the grand total becomes: $79.11. Believing that this does include shipping, this should make the shipping cost $21.15. Is this correct? Have I simply miscalculated someplace, or has someone else? Just wanted to make sure that everything is as it should be.

My other question is probably another odd one. Are prices charged as-of the exchange rate when we made the initial order, or at the current exchange rate? To lend a little sense to both this query and the shipping as well, I reside all the way on the other side of the world, in Australia.

Trent Rayner.

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  • Bump due to my unhealthy fear of being overlooked on the internet.

  • The backorder notification did not include shipping or tax.

    Shipping on your order was $13.95 and tax $7.20, which added together comes to $21.15. You would have been presented with this info on the last checkout page before you submitted the order.

    I'm working with Digital River to try to make these confirmation emails less confusing. It really bugs me that they have all these prices scattered around and none of them are quite right.

  • Thanks very much, Emily!

    Yes, the DR emails are slightly confusing, but I learned something today, since I never knew Australia had tax on bringing items in. The more you know!

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