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Possible workaround for iOS episode 2 download problem

posted by Grendyll on - last edited - Viewed by 173 users

Hi all,

After days of trying unsuccessfully to download episode 2 on my iPhone 4s, and ZERO help from Telltale (I love you guys but COME ON!) if found this blogger analysis of how poorly implemented the in app updates are. But it made me try a workaround to me that finally installed the update.

The blog post is here and worth reading as in compares some best practices with the way it appears that stuff was coded for Walking Dead. REQUIRED READING FOR YOU GUYS TELLTALE!

Anyway, the thing that caught my eye was this:

"The next faux pas stems from the developers obviously never having tested their download code in “connectivity-challenged circumstances”. There are occasions where the download was so slow so that the iPad went into standby half way through. Of course you would then get the above mentioned error screen on relaunching the app. Back to square 1. $%§&§%!!"

Was it possible my download was taking so long that the app was going to sleep? I started the download again and tapped the screen every few seconds. It took probably 20 minutes to finish the download but it worked. It's the only time I've ever gotten to over 60%, so it could be a coincidence but I doubt it. Many thanks to @cocoanetics for the help.

And once again, Telltale I love you guys but.... COME ON!

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  • It totally worked. Sure, it was a bit annoying to have to tap the screen a thousand times just to get the episode to download but at least we got it to work. It was like the world's worst quicktime event.

    At first we couldn't get past 2% but using this method we got the full download first try.

    Thanks for the tip mate - you're a legend!

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