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Walking Dead Lost Savegame

posted by Scorcher24 on - last edited - Viewed by 835 users

Okay, this is a last attempt to get support from Telltale. I gather my previous posts together for you:

The game refuses to launch on a friends PC since EP3 came out.
We unplugged the controller, reinstalled DirectX, did not help at all.
He has a Quadcore with an NVIDIA 560Ti and the newest NVIDIA Drivers.

Hopefully someone from Telltale could answer to this. There are also some people on Steam that have the issue:

I have ATI and a Dualcore and no problems running it.


We rightclicked the game and disabled visual themes as found here on the forums and made it working again. But now it does not recognize the savegames anymore. We tried every possible fix here from the Forums, without success.

So, is there any help to expect from you Telltale? My buddy really wants to play EP3 with his old choices >_>. I tried to help him fixing it, because he is not very savy with computers. Is there a patch in the making?

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