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How would you have handled the situation?

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All of this back and forth about Ben, Carley, Doug, Lilly, Kenny, and a partridge in a pear tree has got me thinking.

So let's do a little "what if" exercise...

You're with the Macon survivors; you, not Lee Everett. Poor Lee died in a car wreck and is a pathetic, handcuffed zombie behind Clem's house. You on the other hand happened to take his place when you saw a scared little girl climb into a tree house.

Why were you in Atlanta? Doesn't matter and isn't part of this. Also - because you're more awesome than Lee (he's just a video game character after all) you managed to save both Carley and Doug - though Shawn is still screwed.

All situations are more or less the same. Larry dies at the farm, you may or may not have popped a cap in the St Johns (it all happened so fast, after all) - but here you are on the road after someone LET BANDITS into your HOME because of a BOTCHED DRUG TRADE and now you and the group are ON THE RUN.

The RV hits poor Mr Zed, Lilly is having her freak out, everyone is outside.

"You're just a scared little girl, get the fuck over it."
Kenny removes a Mr Zed from the RV and kills him... Poor Mr Zed.
Lilly removes her precious.
Everyone turns to look at her.

She stops, seeing your gaze on her. Everyone looks at her as if she's gone crazy. She looks at the gun - gets a grip - and then forces it onto you.

"We've a traitor here, and it needs to be handled. You people think this job is so easy? YOU DO IT!"

You have the gun.

Everyone is looking at you.

What do you do?


Disclaimer - This might belong in general, I dunno, but it deals with situations from the newest episode, so I'm putting it here.

I'll hold off on picking for now... though I know what I'd do.

Try to put some thought into it - it's not a decision one should make on a whim... Lilly did that, and we all saw what happened....:eek:

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  • Honestly? I'd probably have died long before this due to my "goody-two-shoes" nature... But for the sake of the question...

    I'd eject the clip, throw it into the woods and shoot the bullet in the chamber at the ground before handing the empty gun back to her.

    "This is not the time to be tearing each other apart." I'd say, staring everyone down with my best tough guy look. "We've all been through way too much shit to just up and start killing each other. I don't give a shit which one of you did it. We'll pick up the pieces and keep going."

    I turn to Lilly, a hint of sadness in my voice. "And you need to chill the fuck out. We understand. This has been a shit deal for you. But if you let this get to you, you're no better than the assholes that got us into this situation."

    I'd then ensure the situation got properly defused, mediating the discussion while keeping an eye out to ensure that nothing like this happens again. If it became obvious that the situation wasn't getting better, I'd be forced to remove the problem, which in this case would probably be Lilly.

    The ultimatum: Calm the fuck down and agree to let it go, or be left behind.

    This is of course assuming that I had full control of the situation. There's a very good chance that I throw the clip into the woods only to be tackled by an enraged Lilly. I'm pretty sure that being in the military would make her a hell of a lot better suited to hand-to-hand combat than me...

  • Sounds like Option 1 or Option 9 to me.

    And yeah, for this exercise, the poster in question has COMPLETE control over the verdict.

    She gave you the job, so it's yours and yours alone to decide.

  • Slip Lilly some Valium and slap Ben in the back of the head, rinse and repeat. Carry on.

  • Option 6, I'd tell Ben to hit the road and have a nice day.

  • Nice thread here, Dread. Took me a few minutes to get a response. Yeah, I would probably forgive the guy. I'm not saying that I'm all positive for him, but I'll just be pissed. We can solve this without murder.

  • I have a feeling that's what most people would do, for various reasons, but the same results.

  • Even though Dreadmagus put the complelling "Team Lilly till the end" in the poll I won't choose it!

    I would point the gun to Ben and demand that he tell me if he did it or not. If in the face of death he doesn't cooperate or Carley starts defending him I would point the gun to her and ask the same question. I will tell them that nobody is going in the RV until we figure out who the traitor is.
    Once Ben cracks or Carley admits that it wasn't her and in that case it must be Ben I would tell them to all go back in the RV. Then I will consult with Lilly and if she doesn't pull some very awesome and influencing speech on me I would most probably banish Ben in the morning. I'll give him some supplies and a gun maybe and force him to leave.

    P.S I must note that here I take that Ben will give his "they had my friend speech".
    I'm more balanced than Lilly, that's why I would suck as a character :p

  • Personally, I'd have made everyone get out of the RV, except for Clemmy. Then I'd get back in, lock the door and drive away.

    "So, Clem. What did we learn today?"
    "...That... people are idiots and we're better off alone?"
    "Good girl. Here, have a cookie."


  • Two things that immediately occurred to me while playing that I would've liked to do differently:

    #1- Back at the motor inn, after finding the stolen meds I would've replaced them in the vent and kept an eye on it. That way I'd learn who was stashing them there and who was picking them up.

    #2- During the roadside argument I sooo badly wanted to tell Carley and Ben to get back inside the RV, that would've defused the whole situation. Then I would take Lilly aside and talk her down.

    As for how to deal with the traitor in the group, I think the only rational option would be to put it to a vote. Going Judge Dredd on the culprit might feel good, but I'd come off looking just as deranged as Lilly to the rest of the group.

    All that said, I could just murder the faces off everyone except Clem and Carley, then live happily ever after. That'd work, too. :D I wouldn't even care if Carley was the traitor, I'd still like her more than all the other adults in the group combined. Bunch of useless, whinging fuck-pigs. XD

  • My English is not very good then, there is the option to leave Ben and Lilly on the road and walk away happy with the RV?: D

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