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Unregistered Autorun Maestro (on disk Insert)

posted by Kilandor on - last edited - Viewed by 298 users

Its kinda funny actually.

My disk never did this before, but today I poped it out by mistake, and I put it back in.

Upon doing so (tested multiple times, pc restart etc, disk is fine, tested in different drives and pc's)

I get the following

This copy of Autorun Maestro is not registered and appears to have been written to a CD. Please do not distribute this CD, it is for testing purposes only.

Upon clicking OK (1 out of 10 times, it says this sometimes) It Asks you if you want to know how to register it. If you click yes it brings up their webpage, If you click no it says (This will only appear 1 out of 10 times opened).

On the times it doesn't appear, after hitting ok, Just randomly on the Autorun screen, it shows UNREGISTERED USER randomly in different spots and colors.

I'm just letting you know. I"m not stupid enough to try to register and know I don't need to.

Its just pretty funny, and you maybe should look into it. Everythign seems to work fine.

I got my disk for preorder of season 1 from here at telltale games.

I searched around but seems no one else has ever had this happen.

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  • Our version of Autorun Maestro (the program used to create the autorun and episode launcher) is registered, so I don't know why this would be happening.

  • Don't know its very strange. Because like I said it didn't used to do that. And I assume since my firewall gave me no warnings that I recall. It doesn't have to actively check to the interent to see if it was valid (which wouldn't make sense anyways)

    Well the only thing that has changed, But it shouldn't have caused a problem is. I use some Japanese Programs, so I enabled JP Unicode support. But that shouldn't effect this program.

    Well here is a images of each of the messages, and I pulled up the about info on the main window.

    My setup.exe is V 1.2007.6.12
    Both autorun_*.exe are

    I can't think of anymore usefull info to give you

    Like I said, its really not a problem that it does that personally, but I figured I might post incase there was some problem with some of the disc's possibly.

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    Can't really find the solution to this problem nor can we reproduce the issue here. We have registered it and yours is the first time we heard of this problem.

    About the only thing I can think of is some kinda of block with the registry is causing the autorun to forget we (Telltale) registered. Doesn't make sense, but neither is the problem occurring itself. You are able to run the game and all of the content is still on the disk, so you're not missing anything but Jake's mad UI skills. Sorry Jake. :(

  • Can you tell me the the registry location and values that should be stored (i'm a advandced user)

    I never got any warnings about anything being added to the registry.

    But hmm, it seems kinda strange though, now that I think about it. Wouldn't it be more likely for that data to be programmed into the program itself? I would think it would be a little silly for it to, contain the data that its "Registered", just for it to be added to the Registry, to be checked from there to see if its "Registered" or not?

    Hmm, Well I tried it on my brothers laptop, Which has close to the same setup as me but not exactly. It doesn't happen on his. So after tyring that, I closed every process except what was needed the bare minimum to run in windows XP, even going so far as to start it without explorere running and it still happens, (on both my dvd roms). I do have Windows XP SP2 (Completely updated to the latest security Updates)

    Which, I know the laptop, I tested it on again, didn't. So maybe the problem is there? (even though thats a little odd, well, we all know how windows can be ><)

    I'm starting to run out of idea's of possible causes here.

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    Out of curiosity, do you have DEP on for all programs?

    My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Performance Settings -> Data Execution Prevention

    Which choice is this setting set to?

  • Nope, Just Windows programs and essential services.

  • WinXP SP2 here, same problem as above user.

    I think the problem may well have to do with the language the system is setup to run, as mine is currently setup for Japanese application use also.

  • Genexi2, did you just email support about this problem?

    It's interesting that you're both set up for Japanese. I bet that's the problem. You should still be able to install and run the games without using the autorun. For installation, browse the disc and select the setup.exe; to run the games, you can access them through the Start menu or C:\Program Files.

  • @Emily said: Genexi2, did you just email support about this problem?

    No I did not, as I already managed to get the game installed and running the manual way, just hopped on here to see if there was others with the problem, and if there was already a solution available.

    Anyways, swapped my PC back to English(Canada) to see if I could reproduce the problem, but I think the copyright-protection system (which is killing the gaming industry imo) is preventing the disc to read at full speed, as double-clicking the autorun just has the drive sit there reading the disc for years with no progress, according to my task-manager, so I just gave up and decided to go back to playing the game, which is ace btw.

  • Ah, there must be three of you then, because someone did email support about it yesterday.

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