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Woohoo!! I got mine!!

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After two painful months of waiting, I finally got my DVD and Case File!! :D

*Holds DVD in one hand, and grabs mic with the other*

I'd like to thank my friends, who discouraged me from getting it, obviously reverse psychology, and-and I'd like to thank Gametap for producing it, and Steve Purcell for creating them, and Emily for leading me through the darkness of that agonising week where it said "Product shipped," and I'd also like to thank everyone else at Telltale for making it!! :D

Sadly, it came the exact same day I got Windows reinstalled, so I can't play the games yet, but I popped it in the TV and watched most the video features. I also found two of the easter eggs, The hot rump and Sam in the window, and I also fiddled with the case file. It was great! My favorite is the pin. I'll need to put it in the optimum spot for weirding people out. Also, the magnet was larger than I expected, which is good. I put it on the fridge. :)

Thanks again! *Runs off to finish watching shorts again*

You know, The Interrogation Short, I believe, is a great demonstration of humour that Steve Purcell alone could write.

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