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PS3 PS+ Issue

posted by AzumiKuro on - last edited - Viewed by 103 users

Ok so the problem is The Walking Dead Game. I played the first 2 for free because i was a plus member. Love the story. My plus ran out. I lack funds to renew it. But I had $5 to buy Episode 3. Mind you my plus ran out BUT the free games still played as it had no expiration date I could find. All other plus games were unplayable except Walking Dead. My ps3 will let me play episode 1. 2 won't work and neither will 3 which I payed for. Normally id just renew my Plus account and play away but got laid of from work so I have very little extra cash right now and really the story is so captivating id miss a meal to play it. Just wondering am I out $5 or do what I think I have to and wait till I find another job to play it. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Hope I posted in the right place this time.

psn - AzumiKuro

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  • Well obviously no reply after this long mean no one cares. Heard Tell Tale had bad customer service. Any reply would have appeased me even if I got no help but nothing is bad business practice. Ill make sure and inform all the gaming sites I visit about this. I'm under no illusion ill make any difference in this companies bottom line but you lost at least one customer. Thanks for nothing.

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