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Steve Purcell & Status of Things

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How much creative control does Steve Purcell have over the series ?
What's your current target market?
I'm a loyal S&M customer (not fetish) and while I bought the whole season (after I bought 3 or 4 episodes) and other products, I buy it because I love Steve Purcell's twisted ideas. Steve's winning personality gets kinda drowned out in the games.

I think you guys oughta make Steve punch out more printable art. I have two pieces hanging on my walls and it's not nearly enough. The sketchbooks are a gas too. Oh, and more T-Shirts and stuff. Vynil toys would be insanely awesome too. JUST MAKE SURE THAT IT'S ALL DESIGNED BY STEVE!

What's the word on the reprint of "Surfin' the Highway"?

Don't be afraid to make the games more adult themed. The episodes up to Abe Lincoln Must die have been pretty kiddy-themed. Don't forget your biggest market is the people who grew up on Sam & Max and are already used to raunchy humor.

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