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lee dies?

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anyone else think this may happen in the last episode? I think it ties in with teaching clementine how to fend for herself in ep3.. also think the writers love to shock, so this may be the most shocking of all... player then takes on the role of clementine..... thoughts??

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  • There's a chance he may die, and there's also a chance he'll live and assume his role in the second season. But, what I highly doubt is Clem becoming the protagnoist, if anyone it would be a new character, or Kenny.

  • didnt mean clementine becoming the protaganist really, that wouldn't work especially for a whole season :p what i could see is, lee dying and then the player taking on the role of clementine at the tail end of the episode leading herself to safety. obviously an adult character would have to be the protaganist for series two

  • Lee dying is a good possibility, but I think that will be at the very end of season 1. It would kind of ruin it for me if Lee dies before the end of the episode, and we play as Clem for the final few chapters because we have been playing Lee all this way since episode 1. Even if Lee lives, I don't think he'll be returning in season 2.

  • unless ttg skip over a few years and give us an older 'teenage' clem

    kenny wouldn't be much fun as a lead protagonist.. i reckon he'll be a drunken mess by the end of ep4..

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    Noooooooooooo, please just nooooooooooooooooooo

    Lee is one of the best characters in the whole games world

  • No way!

    Action replay: N..O...O...o...o... ... wa...a...a...y...y... !

  • I think Lee will be the hero till the end of whatever amount of seasons Telltale decides to do. I understand why people think Lee will die as there is a lot of implications of such an event, but I think the genuine shock will be the fate of the parents. I think the season is setting us up for something truly horrible once we find the state of the parents.

    My thoughts are that the parents will turn out alive, but will get murdered and reanimate as walkers and Clementine will be forced to put her parents down before they kill Lee, thus truly understanding everything Lee had to do before. I think the season will end with Clementine accepting Lee as her adoptive father and both loving each other as family, understanding that they need each other to stay hopeful and survive as they learned throughout the season.

  • he stays him and clem but sorry to say that kenny ben and other people die but lee and clem survive and go on the boat

  • @iss1111 said: he stays him and clem but sorry to say that kenny ben and other people die but lee and clem survive and go on the boat

    But the boat is a party boat and for 12 hours a day and would attract a new group but also walkers chase them on a yacht behind for 5 episodes.

  • Looking at this now makes me laugh

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