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First glimpse at the german dub

posted by Harald B on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users

Following giving Culture Shock away to new members, some guy has posted a short glimpse on YouTube. I must say I'm not impressed, so here's hoping it sounds better when playing it yourself. The way the cutscene-music towards the end doesn't connect properly anymore is especially disappointing...

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  • Adventure-europe also has a few .wav files from the french dub. It's indeed Jean-Claude Donda who is reprising the roles of both Sam and Max. OK, his voice aged a bit, but listening to this I feel like Hit the Road was only yesterday :o

  • I found the german voices not convincing too. Much better played in the original or if you want good german voice actors then go with Jack Keane instead.

  • The original italian dubber of Sam/Glottis/more recently died, so I can't even hope to feel closer to HTR. Anyway the italian version of Season One won't be dubbed, so there aren't any problems. Too bad!

  • And a second glimpse. acquired the opening cutscene of the german Culture Shock at the Leipzig GC. Interesting, but I'm still not impressed..

  • oh dear
    Sam sounds like some kind of snob I'd say.
    And Max voice actress showed much more enthusiasm in hit the road, or when she doese Bart Simpson. (She's just perfect for Bart)
    And Jimmy Zweizahn??
    then they'll surely call Harry Harry Maulwurfmann.
    It's not so bad that I have bought the whole season before I knew, that there was going to be a german dubbed version after all, since now I found out, that I can really do without.
    though I'd still like some german subtitles for my english version.

    Edit: I also got the impression, that the voice actors didn't really know what the other person was saying or doing, before their sentens.
    But I sometimes got that feeling in some other old adventures too.

  • I am not the best person to judge, but I'd say the French actor is doing a better job than the German cast.
    Jean-Claude Donda seems to have got the crazy energy of the characters, whereas the German actors sound too... polite and calm.
    Aw, I wish I could analyze MY Sam & Max. JoWood, why didn't you produce an Italian dubbing? Why?!?!? Oh, the shame, the shame... :(
    ...but now I'm used to Nowlin & Kasten and wouldn't want them replaced. :D

  • I just realised, that there has already been a "Maulwurfmann" in hit the road.
    There have even been more then one.

  • how could they possibly translate "patience is a sharp razor to swallow" into "you need a lot of patience for patience" :eek: this is gruesome

  • Wow, I feared it might be bad, but this is just unbelievable. Max with the german voice of Bart Simpson is already a horrible miscast, but Sams voice... wow, he sounds like a total snob but also like a total pansy. Oh and the translation... well... babelfish would probably yielded a better result. Thank the lagomorphic gods I will never ever have to endure that painful dren again...

  • hmmm
    I've never played the english version oft hit the road.
    I woudn't have understand a word back then, when I got that game.
    The german voice actors have been the same in hit the road, and I liked them.
    I think if i wouldn't have played the game with the english voices already, then I probably wouldn't dislike the german voices that bad.
    But some translations are really bad. And you don't even get, that Jimmy is throwing up that phone
    now maybe I should get the english version of htr

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