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Lost in the swirling miasma of e-commerce

posted by yamman on - last edited - Viewed by 122 users

Hi TT,

Just ordered the S&M disc (+ case file) for a faraway friend (I'm in Melbourne, Australia, she's in Finland!)

I got a confirmation email saying:

"Preorder Alert!
One or more items in your cart are currently unreleased. Your order will ship once all items have become available, but any downloadable goods in your cart will still be available immediately. "

Is this a mistake? I just got my own CD+case file yesterday, which I ordered a while ago, so I'm pretty sure they're been released!

Also, do you know approximately how long they will take to arrive? Her birthday is on September 5th.



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  • Its not a mistake. I received that message too when I ordered this:

    • Sam & Max Season One Soundtrack (Hard Good)
    • Sam & Max Season One Bonus Disc (Bundle)
    • Sam & Max Season 1 Collection (Bundle)
    • Sam & Max: The Effigy Mound (Hard Good)
    • Sam & Max Sketchbook (Hard Good)

    But then 2 days later after payment, my order was shipped. Sometimes they're just waiting for stock to be delivered or organised that's currently unavailable during that time. I wouldn't worry too much :)

  • Everything's in stock, we just forgot to remove that note from the bonus disc orders when the DVDs became available. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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