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[iOS iPad2] Walking Dead episode 2 downloads slowly

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You need to fix this issue. I'm trying to download episode 2 of The Walking Dead for some days now, on my iPad2 and I'm not even downloading at 0.01% per second. It's definitely not my end of the internet connection (lots of capacity left).

This, for me, is a reason I will go to a random torrent site and pirate this game on another platform than iOS.

I'm even tempted to say the lack of support and download speed justifies me pirating it. Torrents download at maximum speed, without any problems. If you don't fix these kinds of issues, or give information on them, people will understandably turn to illegal downloading.

Get your act together. People that spend money on your games deserve support and quick and easy downloads.


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  • Im having the same issue. And as many others on another board have stated the same. I attempt to download episode 2... (routed thru an ISDN line I may ad) About an HOUR LATER, I get the message stating something like "your connection lost , unable to DL PLEASE check conn. & try again" ....then it starts ALL OVER!!!!!..... WTF? Couldn't it simply save the 97% already downloaded, then grab the other 3% the next time.....Something is up... And I saw dozens of similar complaint posts on another board with customers simply wanting their money back...and one post from the development team stating that they are aware and are "looking into the issue". How about looking into this......"learn how to complete your product and properly distributing it before doing so.....And REFUND YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN YOU FAIL!!!....... AMATUERS!!

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