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If this story was a miniseries....

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I know the easy question is "Could you see this as a movie?" but I don't think we could. So much happens that a movie could never justify it (like most games). However, if this was a special miniseries spin off it could be an even better show than the AMC show (it already is).

So if you could envision this as a miniseries:

Would you have it stay on AMC or go to a different network?

Who would you cast in the lead roles?

How many episodes could you see it being?

Would you want a good guy, bad guy, survivor, peacemaker, silent or neutral Lee as the main character (however you want to define it)?

Would you make any drastic changes?

Doug or Carley?

Should Telltale be directly involved in the storytelling?

Any big name directors/writers/showrunners you would attach?

Feel free to answer how you want and add any other comments!

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  • Opps sorry. Should I just leave this in the general thread?

  • I'd leave it in the spoilers thread since it deals with the events of the series, but remove the other one so there isn't the need to check both posts.

  • a the walking dead miniseries would be good, with a new set of survivors each time

  • That network will stay the same. AMC are doing great job. Most networks like CW and ABC won't be really fond of the gory effects of the walking dead. HBO have become really over the top last year. Plus they won't agree to do it cause there is not enough sex scenes and homosexual characters. Both True Blood and Game of Thrones have sex scenes each episode and at least 3-4 homosexual characters.

    I would like J.J Abrams to be involved but he's more of a Sci Fi guru. Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse (The creators of Lost) would be great as well, they're pretty good with drama tv shows.

    As for cast I will have to think about it.
    I would love to see Eva Green as Lilly Caul. She'll totally own the role.
    Hershel, Glenn and Shawn can be played by the same guys that play them in AMC's The Walking Dead.

    I will have to think about the rest of the cast.

    As for Carley I would like to see Anne Hathaway. Not that she resembles Carley's in game model that much, but she's an amazing actress and seeing the powerful scene between her character and Eva Green's character in the RV.... mmm that's definitely something I will pay to see :D
    Allison Munn could play Irene. I think I see a resemblance there... or maybe Lizzy Caplan.
    John Noble will make an awesome Larry I'm sure of it.
    Maybe that guy... Michael Ealy could play Lee. It's really hard for me to choose.
    I found Kenny! I think that Jeremy Davies will make a great Kenny. I think there's a pretty good resemblance here... in a way he even looks like the comic book Governor.

    So, do you guys like my suggestions? :D Have any of yours?

  • I'll post here too since I should have answers to my own questions

    1) Yeah, it should stay on AMC. As long as they don't mess around with the story aside from minor changes for a show's sake (filling time gaps or maybe fine tuning some dialogue). They would have to intensely cut down the profanity though (I personally don't mind but a lot of other people might)

    2) Hm...main cast...why not the whole cast (you dont have to do this, I'm just crazy this way!) This is my idea at the moment based on my research:

    Lee- Idris Elba
    Clementine- Quvenzhane Wallis
    Kenny- Tim McGraw (Kenny looks more like Jeff Foxworthy but he's too old and probably not that good an actor)
    Katjaa- Cecile de France (probably the closest Belgian actress we can find for her)
    Duck- Jackson Pace
    Carley- Jennifer Carpenter
    Doug- Rich Sommer
    Lilly- Evangeline Lilly
    Larry- Ed O'Neill
    Mark- Ian Somerhalder
    Ben- Dean DeHaan
    Chuck- Sam Elliott (I could see him as a hobo and he wouldn't be playing a cowboy again)
    Omid- Omid Abtahi
    Christa- Erica Tazel
    Shawn Green- Stephen Lunsford
    Andy St. John- Anson Mount
    Danny St. John- Logan Marshall Green
    Brenda St. John- Margo Martindale
    Irene- Tania Raymonde
    Jolene- Parker Posey
    Travis- Steven R. McQueen
    David- Zach Galifianakis (He looks like him and I can handle a cameo of him)

    Glenn and Hershel would be their AMC actors. I think they are some of the best actors in the cast so I'd be happy to see them again (I mean come on, Glenn was perfect casting). Maybe we would get to see Otis again too!

    3) I'd say a maximum of ten or a minimum of six episodes would work for the show. It would just depend on how you restructure certain parts of the plot and how you would count it a miniseries.

    4) I think I would prefer following a good guy Lee. I don't picture Lee being a bad jerk or selfish and I think it helps the story to have someone attempting to be the moral center. He may not be perfect nor will he make all the right choices, but I would believe that Lee's whole mishap would sting his conscious enough to want to keep his standards. It would fit Kirman's themes concerning how people either preserve or reject our humanity when the world ends. I think it also would make the third episode story more powerful, since it can be a moment where he redefines what he should do to be a good example. Plus, we need an upstanding, smart and strong black character in the lead role. It'd be a great nod to Night of the Living Dead and somewhat an apology for T-Dawg.

    5) Drastic changes? Hm...Well maybe think of a better way to conceal the twist with the St. John's. I wouldnt change the twist at all but I want to not feel like we can see it coming a mile away. Maybe make the ending from Episode 3 a bit more interesting too. Help develop Omid and Christa a bit more when they are introduced. And for heaven's sake fix Travis' death. It was ridiculous in my opinion.

    6) Carley. No questions asked. I think she contributes more as a character to the plot and themes of the story. Plus I personally think her death is a lot more shocking and natural than Doug's (as noble a sacrifice as he attempted).

    7) I think they should be involved at least for the story. Probably should cooperate with some professional tv writers, but they should be there to keep character and plot consistency.

    8) Hm...I honestly am not confident the current show runner would do a good job here. Along with being tied to the main show, I think his team could mess/change up events that may end up muting the story's effectiveness. I could be wrong (especially since it would be a smaller cast to give attention to) but that's just me. Give it to someone like Vince Gillian. He's almost done with Breaking Bad and he knows how to do punctuated moments of drama, harsh violence, casting "not pretty" but talented actors and sprinkling bits of comedy to break tension. Hm, ok now I want to see that happen!

  • anyone else think that this thread is a bit stupid ?

    the walking dead season 1 WAS a 'mini' series of 6 episodes, compared to other shows that normally have at least 10 to 13 eps for a first run, but because it got good ratings and was well liked it was renewed and expanded.

  • @Milosuperspesh said: anyone else think that this thread is a bit stupid ?

    the walking dead season 1 WAS a 'mini' series of 6 episodes, compared to other shows that normally have at least 10 to 13 eps for a first run, but because it got good ratings and was well liked it was renewed and expanded.

    It's just for fun. I'm not saying it is going to happen. I just like speculating and thinking up ideas. And technically a proper miniseries is a complete story so Season 1 of the AMC show would technically be a "half season" than a miniseries. Kind of like what Breaking Bad is doing for the final season and for its first season. This would be an actual one shot miniseries.

  • well with the current situation i don't think it would work way too much going on so

    another new group with elements taken from all current mediums

  • @Milosuperspesh said: well with the current situation i don't think it would work way too much going on so

    another new group with elements taken from all current mediums

    As I said, it is just for fun :)

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