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Choices not carrying from episode to episode. (Mac)

posted by hillbilliekev on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users

Hi guys, In order to get episode 3 to work on my computer, I had to completly remove all trace of the game and then reinstall it.
That was annoying but fine, I'm a big fan of what telltale are doing and I get that bugs happen.
So I've played episode one 3 times now and had to go back each time because the game episode 2 is loading with decisions that I didn't make. I.E. I saved Carly, I'm always good to Clem, etc. and for some reason doug is there, Kenny hates me and I'm not really willing to play through the game if it's not following my decisions and giving me back a different game every time I reload it.
Any one else having this problem? Or is there anything any one can recomend, I'm gonna have to leave the game closed until I have something resembling a fix. I can't keep feck acting around it.

Cheers for anything anyone can do.

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  • I had a similar problem. I noticed when I started Episode 2 Doug was alive and Carley was dead. So I deleted my save file and started over, figuring a new save would work. Now I can't start Episode 2. It just goes to a black screen with an the icon for the axe on the side.

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