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Happy Wars

posted by Jennifer on - Viewed by 146 users

Is anyone else in the Xbox Live Beta program that has early access to the first free-to-play XBLA game Happy Wars?

I'm loving this game. It has a graphical style that is really reminiscent of Double Fine's stuff (Costume Quest especially). And it's fun to play.

It's mostly about the multiplayer, but there's a single player campaign (although the higher levels in single player can only be played if you level up in multiplayer).

You choose a class (warrior, mage, or cleric) and head out to try to take down your enemy's fortress and then their statue inside the fortress. You control your character directly and use their abilities to defeat your enemies and win the battles. You also can build and take down towers that serve as respawn points. It's like an action-adventure RPG RTS-lite type of game and it works well. :)

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