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Is it just me, or does the site not like Firefox

posted by MurrayTheSkull on - last edited - Viewed by 371 users

After upgrading to the newest Firefox version the site kinda looks like this...

Its not adblock causing the problem, I disabled it and still got the same result.

Not that its all bad; its very spacious and the large white patch really draws you in. :p

Could just be my end though, if anybody with would like to confirm one way or another thatd help.

Also (To save making another topic), Im sure I read in the blog somewhere that there was one or more new t-shirts appearing at some point. Any ideas on when thats happening? Ive been putting off buying the S&M games until Ive seen the new designs as I plan to get a t-shirt at the same time. Or am I just making that up?

Thanks :)

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