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How cool would guest comic writers/artists be...

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I was just thinking about Sam & Max and how weird some of their hijinks are and then it struck me how cool it would be to see guest comic stories by some of the greats.

The names that spring to mind for me are Warren Ellis, Mike Mignola, Garth Ennis, Brian K Vaughan, Joss Whedon and JMS.

Well, I can dream anyway.

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  • I don't really know anything about comics or their authors, but I'd have thought that wouldn't be the only talent required to write a Sam and Max story successfully. They wouldn't know the characters well enough to make them believable.

  • I was envisioning more of a reinterpretation with the base characteristics.

  • Actually I think of all the writers you listed, Joss Whedon's the only one I could see doing Sam and Max right, he got a knack for dialogue which is required for Sam and Max, and he's good at action and far out storylines, which also apply, and it wouldn't be to far fetched to assume that some of these writers would know sam and Max, they may have a cult status, but they've got a really strong cult status.

  • I expect many people have an appreciation for what makes Sam and Max unique, but creating something with their essence would be much more difficult than judging whether someone else's creation had it. You need only look at the Sam and Max make-your-own comics on the Telltale site, all but a few of which fail to sound in any way convincing, to see what I mean.

    A reasonable analogy is that you might be able to tell whether or not a piece of music was by Mozart or one of his contemporaries, but it doesn't mean you'd be able to write a similar piece.

  • Interestingly enough there's a Mignola sketch in Effigy Mound (admittedly not of Sam & Max).

    As an aside, Sam seems to like icecream in the sketches, but no mention i can recall in the games...

  • I wouldn't say no to just sort of seeing what Warren Ellis would do with Sam & Max. I haven't really loved anyting he's done other than Transmetropolitan, but still, he's got the stanky horrible Americana-laden city with violent protagonist who dances over the top of it leaving a trail of destruction in its wake vibe down pretty well.

  • Speakiung of Warren Elis, he is actually writing the scripts for the Castlevania animated movie adaptions based on the Curse of Dracula game.

    Seems a bit odd considering how he put a beastility reference in one of the dialogue he posted on the CV blog:

  • Aside from Steve doing an entire episode, of course, I'd like to see Ben Edlund do one.
    Besides Sam N Max, The Tick is my other all time favorite comic.
    And if you want to ge real crazy about guests, how about Reel Big Fish composing some music for one?:D

  • how about getting to ride the subway with some local jazz musicians do the soundtrack. w00t

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