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Customs Charge

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

I just got a note through my door from the post office saying they cannot give me my items because it has a customs charge for £13.53.

Needless to say I am not very happy at all. I'm not particularly willing to pay £13.53 customs charges for items I've already paid for (plus shipping). I'm taking this is because they had to search the box because it wasn't labeled properly?

Would it be possible to get £13.53 of my money back? If not I am simply thinking of getting them to send it back to you and asking for a full refund of my money, as my order said nothing about recieving a customs charge. The note says I have a week to pick up my item or they'll automatically send it back, so a reply as soon as possible would be much appreciated.


Order Number: 5605162400
Order Date: August 14, 2007

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  • Telltale Games cant do much about that.
    I think it work the same in the UK as it do here in denmark.

    If you buy anything from outside the EU, you have to pay taxes on it. In denmark its 25% tax. Most times you get lucky and noone notice your package, but if they hit it on a routine check, they will bill you for the taxes, and possibly a checking fee (here in denmark, its almost 10$ fee for that, i have had a DVD where i paid more in taxes and fees than for the game itself, ridiculous, but its the rules).

    A few companies are VERY hard hit by this, i gave up buying from for example since 10 packages in a row got caught, possibly due to the huge AMAZON logo on the box tipping them off :).

    But were you to follow the law (here at least, i think the same goes for all of EU), you should actually contact your tax company/whoever you pay sales tax to, and pay them what they are due each time you buy something over the internet slip through customs without being charged.

  • I don't think that's right, otherwise I believe a lot of people would be complaining about getting high customs charges.

    If there is going to be no refund of £13.53/customs charge every package, I don't think I'll be ordering from Telltale's store again.

  • what was in your order and how much was the total as there is a limit to amount that tax can be charged on ie if it is less than x then tax isn't charged

  • [quote=patters;40900]what was in your order and how much was the total as there is a limit to amount that tax can be charged on ie if it is less than x then tax isn't charged[/quote]

    It was the three Bone comics and a shirt. The total, including shipping, was $63.01.

  • You can find the rules about VAT on internet bought items in the UK here:

    But ill highlight a few items about it:
    If you purchase goods through the Internet you should be aware that customs duty and VAT will be payable, as follows:
    Customs duty - if the amount of duty is £7 and over.
    Import VAT - if the value of the goods is £18 and over.

    According to the table at the shirt should have a 12% duty rate fee, and the 17.5% VAT fee, and books should either be 17.5% or free, both options are listed.

    I got no clue on the rules on shipping, if there is a charge on the shipping cost too, but without that, youre already looking at around 12$ VAT for the items alone. Then come the possible cost from the post office. I quote again from the page i linked earlier:

    The Post Office may charge you for clearing your package through customs. They handle packages for customs examination and, if required, open and re-pack them. The Post Office will also store packages if customs need to make enquiries; for example, when the contents have not been declared properly by the sender. The Post Office fees are collected at the same time as customs charges but are completely separate and customs cannot reply to queries about them.

    I cant see a set fee on that part, that might vary from area to area, but it should say on your customs charge paper how much are VAT and how much are an extra charge. If not, ask at the post office when you get your item.

    And next time, hope that the customs dont find your package, if you shop a lot from the net, like i do, you will most likely end up saving more from the occasional charge and VAT from the few items they do find, than buying the items in a UK store and paying 17.5% VAT on every item.

    And as extra info, Jersey and Guernsey are outside EU regulations, and thus are shops from there (like that i buy from a lot), also in the risk group of getting extra cost at the customs office. You should always bear that in mind when shopping over the net. If an item are only a few % cheaper from buying from non-EU countries, its not always worth the risk.

  • You say I'm looking at a $12 charge. I'm being charged $27.40, a $2 post office handling fee being included in that.

    If being charged £13.53 customs for my items is normal, it is seriously the last time I ever order from Telltale's store, like I said earlier.

  • I just responded to the email you sent to support. Please ask customs what value is listed on the form. We had a few reports of incorrect values being listed on the forms, and in that case, Digital River should be able to contact customs and get it straightened out. If the value is correct, though, I'm afraid there isn't anything we can do about it.

    We've had very few complaints about customs fees (in fact, I can't remember any until this week), which makes me think that it hasn't been an issue for most of our customers. I don't know if that means that the packages usually "slip through" or what, but I'm sorry for the surprise this time.

  • Okay, I will visit the Post Office tomorrow (closed today) and take along a copy of your e-mail. I'll report back here on Monday telling you what they said.

    I sure hope this doesn't happen for my other order.

  • I'll send you an itemized invoice with prices for each order, just in case there isn't one inside the package.

  • Thanks. I have printed it out and will also take it along tomorow.

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