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Hypothetical Question...

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Hypothetically speaking - lets say you have an opportunity to win $1,000,000 in a contest. To win - you must choose from one of the following five options:

"Punch" option ---- You will be punched in the face, just once, by a big fat man. The punch is guaranteed not to be fatal nor to cause brain damage, but you will likely sustain a nasty injury such as a split lip, black eye or perhaps even a broken nose. After being punched - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Bomb" option ---- Nothing will happen to you. However, you will start the countdown on a huge bomb that is hidden deep inside the center of the Earth. The bomb is large enough that, when detonated, it will cause devastating earth quakes and floods all over the planet. The bomb is completely undetectable and can not be disarmed. However it will not detonate until exactly 5,000 years in the future. As soon as the countdown has started - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Insults" option ---- Twenty people will shout terrible insults and obscenities at you for one full hour. These people will not come into physical contact with you nor harm you, but they will say all sorts of horrible and upsetting things to you. After one full hour of intense verbal abuse - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Magic" option ---- Your personality and ethical convictions will be painlessly altered in some unknown way by a magic spell. The alteration will be instantaneous and will not affect your memory, cause brain damage nor result in any physical harm of any kind. After the alteration - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Nothing" option ---- None of the above. Nothing happens to you or anyone else, but you will NOT be given any money.

Which option would you choose first? Second? Third? Etc...???

Please list them like so ... (with "1" listed as your first choice, "2" as your next choice, and so on...)

1 - option name
2 - option name
3 - option name
4 - option name
5 - option name

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  • Is this for some kind of academic assignment, perchance? Game Theory, Ethics, Cognition, something else? Anyway, I love these, so here goes:
    1 - Punch
    2 - Insults
    3 - Nothing
    4 - Magic
    5 - Bomb
    I'd offer explanations except that I'm guessing that's not very much the point here (and that I tend to go on far too long for forums in these cases...).

  • 1 - Insults
    2 - Nothing
    3 - Punch
    4 - Magic
    5 - Bomb

    I think I could take the insults. I've been punched in the face before, so I sort of know what it's like (got a bad nosebleed from that, but didn't break anything). Altering my personality would be awkward, and I'm not sure I could live with that, even if I had a million dollars... and nobody should set us up the bomb.

  • 1 - Insults
    2 - Punch
    3 - Nothing
    4 - Magic
    5 - Bomb

  • 1 - Insults
    2 - Punch
    3 - Bomb
    4 - Nothing
    5 - Magic

    5000 years is a long time... It might be a little heartless to condem future generations, but this is only hypothetical :) Odd how I feel that changing my personality is worse that causing major natural disasters long after I'm dead...

  • 1 - Bomb - By the time this goes off I'll probably be forgotten in time...5,000 years is a long time...alot of generations will have come and gone by then...and by that time we may not be on this planet I can just live with my million with nothing to worry about...
    2 - Insults - Insults dont mean much...I couldnt care less yeah, 1 hour of insults for 1 Mil aint so bad...
    3 - Punch - This hurts, but probably only for a little while...and besides, I have 1 million, so I can just spend some on an ice pack...
    4 - Magic - This seems rather dodgy...and Im not sure how it would work...but hey, a million is a million...
    5 - Nothing - I WANT MY MILLION DOLLARS!! XD...

  • I got punched in the face a bunch of times before, so

    1. punch
    2. insult
    3. nothing
    4. bomb
    5. magic -one can alter it to make one a mass murderer
    if that happens and one goes to death row for it, winnin the dinero is pointless and your life screwed up. so no for me.

  • @doom saber said: 5. magic -one can alter it to make one a mass murderer if that happens and one goes to death row for it, winnin the dinero is pointless and your life screwed up. so no for me.

    That also depends on what country you live in...I live in Aus so capital punishment is not done here anymore...just life imprisonment...XD...either way though I suppose it means life over anyway...oh well...I'd still take the million...just so I could say I have a million!

  • 1 - Insults (eh, I can take em)
    2 - Punch (not in the face! not in the face!)
    3 - Nothing
    4 - Bomb (I'd feel guilty)
    5 - Magic (I just couldn't live with myself if I wasn't me)

  • 1 - Punch (Let's just say, I have no problem with physical pain after some of the things that have happened to me lately)
    2 - Insults (I like money, but I still find insults to hurt more than physical pain)
    3 - Bomb (I'll be dead when it happens, and I'm a bit of a bastard)
    4 - Nothing
    5 - Magic (I could never make the decision to change into someone else, even if I wouldn't remember making the decision)

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    The Max in me says
    1. Bomb (Gotta love 'em, and who cares of what will happen 5,000 years in the future)
    2. Insults (Although Punches and .... will happen to the other guys)
    3. Nothing
    4. Punch
    5. Magic (Not again, Hugh!)

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