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45% of players..... *Spoilers inside*

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45 % of players gave Irene the gun to mercy kill herself at the motor inn in chapter 1. Really!?

I thought I would have been in the majority on that one!

If you chose not to give her the gun, what was your reasoning? I'm intrigued by this...

Also, 76% of players chose Carley, lol talk about a landslide. Doug was pretty handy though, with his tech knowledge.

Ep1 done and I'm impressed, despite the save issues.

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  • I didnt give her the gun because, there was was no option to shoot her myself. I thought it was to risky to just give it to her looking at the state she was in, you never know what else she was gonna do with it.

  • Well that's a good point. But c'mon. She knew the score, her boyfriend had already died and she knew she was going to be next. What would she gain by killing those that haven't been exposed yet?

  • Well she wouldnt gain anything from it, but in my eyes she looked to unstable to use a gun at that moment. Other thing what if she realizes she cant do it while holding the gun who knows what will happen and since its the only gun the group has its better to keep it rather then giving it to a stranger. Nevertheless I wanted to grant her mercy, but only when i could have done it myself so it would have been without risk.

    Edit: Same reason i picked Carley btw, she had the gun. I thought she might be able to not just save herself, but also others.

  • Irene was already a goner. For me, compassion had to take the back seat just incase that bullet could prevent another tragedy at a later point. I was in no place to know many how shots Carley brought with her. Giving a weapon to a dying person is also never a good idea. They have no consequences to fear if they use it for ill-means before turning it on themselves.

    I want to help as many people as I can, but only if they stand a chance of living.

  • You both make valid points but I think because she was already telling you to go away to "save yourselves" kind of thing, she had expressed concern for your well-being before even talking with her. So I knew she wouldn't then become sum evil bitch when she had the gun. If she was clearly going insane or irrational then I wouldn't have either. I guess it just comes down to trust and judge of character.

  • I didn't deny her the gun, I replied with silence because I think if someone in real life asked me to help them kill myself, I'd be taken aback too. Then she rushed me and stole the gun.

  • I gave her the gun. I mean, it's a scary situation that takes you back, but irl I would've given her the gun because it was obvious that she was suffering so much and just wanted to end it and not become one of them, and since she's going to die either way, I also would want her to die as her and not as one of the Walkers. Same reason that I shot the girl in ep 3, mercy.

  • i want to know whats the reasoning of people that give guns to strangers lol

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