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Interested in Total Drama? GMOD? Both?

posted by lattsam on - Viewed by 260 users

A friend of mine online called gmodboy123 on DeviantArt ( is looking forward to getting his series off the ground. He is currently seeking stop-motion artists in the GMOD community, as well as voice actors for the contestants!

The 30-somewhat-contestants in this massive cast are:

ALYX (Half-Life 2)
AMY (Sonic the Hedgehog)
BUBS (Homestar Runner)
COACH Z (Homestar Runner)
DAISY (Mario Bros. series)
DOC BROWN (Back to the Future)
ENGINEER (Team Fortress 2)
G-MAN (Half-Life 2)
HEAVY (Team Fortress 2)
HOMESTAR (Homestar Runner)
KAGOME (InuYasha)
KLEINER (Half-Life 2)
LUIGI (Mario Bros. series)
MARIO (Mario Bros. series)
MARTY (Back to the Future)
MARZIPAN (Homestar Runner)
MAX (Sam & Max)
MIROKU (InuYasha)
PEACH (Mario Bros. series)
POM-POM (Homestar Runner)
SAM (Sam & Max)
SANGO (InuYasha)
SCOUT (Team Fortress 2)
SHIPPO (InuYasha)
SONIC (Sonic the Hedgehog)
SPY (Team Fortress 2)
STRONG BAD (Homestar Runner)
TYCHO (Penny Arcade)
WALUIGI (Mario Bros. Series)
WARIO (Mario Bros. Series)

All of them are fighting for... a very large amount of money with a bunch of zeroes at the end. But only one will get his/her hands on it!

This should be a fun project!

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