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Fuck lilly!

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I always heard on these forums that she was a bitch, and playing through episode 1 and 2 I could understand why, but I always saw the necessity of having someone focused on the task at hand. I sympathized with her and her grumpy-ass father.

I got him meds for his heart, I gave him food when others needed it more, I tried to restart his heart with Lilly when Kenny wanted to kill him (again). I became friends with Lilly after that and she was the first person I told about my (Lee's) past.

Then she has to go and pull THIS SHIT! Just because someone told her to her face what a crazy fucking bitch she's being!?

And the fact you can't save her, no matter what, only serves to drive the point home. You really should've made the choices affect that outcome Telltale. Like if you're nice to Lilly you can calm her down. Because to me, on a Lilly-sympathist playthrough, it's just crap.

Seriously Telltale, this is forced drama and it fucking sucks!:mad:

I cried, sure. But that's because Carley was your best character and Lee was falling for her. He had been cheated on by his wife and he needs to be able to move on.. and well currently, the only girl left is Katjaa.. And not only is there no connection there, but I don't think Kenny would be too happy about it anyway.

Now, unless Lee's past isn't all it seems to be, and he somehow is still in love with his wife (ala the dream from ep1).. He needs to be able to move on with someone else at some point in the story. So it's up to the writers to do that, but I seriously don't think they'll be able to write a better character than Carley. Especially if they think they need to inflict this kind of forced drama to make their story compelling. Because they don't.

Irregardless of the metagaming aspect, I hope those walkers get that fucking air-force bitch. I hope she dies a slow, painful, merciless death like those sick St. John Brothers.

/rant. But does anyone else agree with any of this?

Does anyone feel my pain?:(

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