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In need of a game

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Hello fellow Forumers

I need your excessive knowledge.

I'm looking for a game where you have clues that you have to follow and the clues you follow leads you to the next and the next, but if you follow the wrong clues you get killed and have to start over. Kinda like those "decide your own fate" books meet CSI.

Something like you get a package in the mail. Your uncle, the archeologist, is missing. So you go and start investigating in his hotel room and you find a post card. You investigate the postage stamp to see where it came from. You also find a glass with a woman's lipstick on it and you dust for prints. You run both clues and it gives you 2 options to follow. Now you have to decide do I follow the stamp or the finger print. One leads to the next clue. The other could eventually lead to "Game Over" or "Sorry, but you've hit a dead end. Please start again".

Is there anything like that out there?

Oh, and it has to be for PC.

PS: If there isn't a game like this out there yet, dear game designers, how about making one? ;);)

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