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The Walking Dead for Mac (episode 1) crashing when saving glenn

posted by xJamie1x on - Viewed by 227 users

Okay so I've been trying to fix this problem all night, and I end up just replaying the entire game after re-installing. So basically the game keeps crashing at the point where Glenn's damsel in distress sees that Carley has a gun. The game just freezes up completely. I can't exit out of it either. The ambience from the game keeps going.. and I can still perform basic functions like adjust the volume etc.. but I have to restart my computer by holding down the power button to exit the game.

I have a duel-core 21" iMac perfectly capable of running this game. Other than this it's a really good game so far and I'm desperate to play the rest.. any help would be amazing. Thank you.


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