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What items, games, feelies, etc. are on your Wish List to purchase for yourself next, or that you perhaps plan to put on your next Christmas/birthday list?

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  • Since I now have a PS3, I've been looking into what games I should get.

    At present, I suppose the next disc-based game I would get is Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning. My wife likes (watching me play) RPGs. I don't have Skyrim (yet), but I know well enough to buy it on PC, not console.

    The next PSN download I'm thinking of getting is Castlevania:Symphony of the Night. Never played it, but heard great things.

  • An HD-TV.

    Oh wait, I'm getting one 'cause my Dad's replacing the one in the front room and I'm getting it. Never mind!

    The only other things I'd really like are a Kindle (or equivalent that'll let read manga on the move), a video capture device so I can record gameplay footage from my TV (and trust me, I've got a cracker of a game lined up for when I DO get one), and a pony.

  • @Darth Marsden said: The only other things I'd really like are a Kindle (or equivalent that'll let read manga on the move)

    A Kindle Fire (tablet) or a Kindle Paperwhite (e-book reader)?

    and a pony.

    Your family should have a man-cave with all the typical masculine sort of stuff in it and then a [edit]huge[/edit] Pinkie Pie plush in the corner. :D

  • I think he sides with Nightmare Moon.

  • @Chyron8472 said: A Kindle Fire (tablet) or a Kindle Paperwhite (e-book reader)?

    Yeah, something like that. I'm not too fussy, so long as it's better than the £50 my Dad got for my birthday that sucks for anything but books, and even then it's not great with those.

    And if I had a pony, I'd sell it and spend the profit on new teeth or something. :D

  • A full-sized electric keyboard with weighted keys and pedals. But damn those can get pricey.

  • @Chyron8472 said: A Kindle Fire (tablet) or a Kindle Paperwhite (e-book reader)?

    @Chyron8472 said: Yeah, something like that.

    I was looking more for something of a choice between the two rather than a "yes."
    Are you looking to get a Kindle tablet (color LCD) or a Kindle e-book reader (b&w e-ink)? There are significant differences between the two.

    I won't bother to suggest getting an iPad. My dad gave me his old iPad 1, and I can tell you for certain that what I've been using it for, it's not worth paying $500+.

  • Hmm....

    Christmas already eh?

    Well... I have virtually all the PSP games worth getting.
    Already have Pokemon Black 2 in the post.

    I'll probably pick up all the 3DS games I want when they come out.

    Not much interesting worth getting for the 360.

    Got my new laptop coming so I can pick up all the indie and multiplatform stuff for cheap too in sales.

    So I guess nothing really.
    (Well... Maybe the Ratchet and Clank collection. I never played those...)

  • I own the first R&C for PS2. Apparently the second and third are somewhat better (the PS3 collection is the first 3 in HD).

    I'm considering getting it some day. For one thing, if my pre-teen nephews came over I'd rather they played Ratchet & Clank than God of War. ;)

    But anyways, I recommend the Ratchet and Clank games.

  • In before Ryan!

    Yeah, R&C trilogy's pretty good. A bit glitchy though, and some trophies are a bitch. But still fun.

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