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no signal screen switches off

posted by jaykob on - Viewed by 150 users

I have a very strange problem with the game. Everything was working fine until today, was able to play episode 3 without problems.
Today i wanted to check if ep. 4 was ready for download and as i start up the game, my screen switches off completely, i get a no signal message, but my pc didnt crash because i was able to switch back to desktop and close the game via task manager. Every other game works fine. Also the game worked the last time i played it, which was when episode 3 was released.

I tried to delete savegames and re install, but the same problem occurred, screen just switches off and i can hear the ambient sound from the game but no signal for the screen. I am not using the steam version of the game, downloaded it from the website.

anyone has had similar problems ?

edit: RESOLVED, i had stopped the windows live sign in service earlier, apparently that had an impact on the game, as soon as I enabled it, it was working again

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